Free Turban for our Sikhs

We would like every Sikh to have a Turban that they can wear with Pride. If you cannot afford a new Turban due to Financial reasons, please email us at with the details.

This is a Free offer and to keep this free we want to keep this an honor system. The Turbans cost us money and we are offering this only to those who are financially unable to buy a Turban from us through this website. For those who are financially capable of buying a Turban, Please click on Turban on the left navigation bar.

All we need is an email/letter stating the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Age
  • Reason for Turban Request
  • Length of Turban (in Meters)

We will mail a new Turban to you at no cost.

Please Note: This offer is subject to availability. We will do our best to serve. We do not want a Sikh Brother or Sister who needs a new Turban to be left out due to Age restrictions, we will consider an exception on a case by case basis.

If you also want to contribute to this seva, please contact us at we do not accept cash, we will send you these request and you can directly contact the person who needs help and send the product.